happyFULL Life: Beginner’s Academy

 4-Week Series Starts January 14th!  (We will NOT meet on 1/21) Classes will meet: January 14 & 28, Feb 4 & 11

If you haven’t been to a yoga class before, but your intrigued but not quite sure what you think of that yoga stuff, this class may be for you!  Don’t really want to be in a large class? We are capping this one at 10 people!

Start your yoga journey getting the most OMazing 4-session introduction to yoga! Each week we will take you through the different limbs of yoga from learning how to do basic stretches correctly, approaches to great breathing practices, learn how to use props in class to make your experience more obtainable and be introduced to the philosophical components to yoga. Learn how the mind, body and breath work together in unison to form what a yoga practice can mean to you!

Come on in and let’s explore what to expect to as a beginner yogi. Learn what you should expect from your teacher? Discuss the physical & mental benefits of a yoga practice. Get some tips on using props to enhance your experience and learn some basic yoga poses.
Week 2:
We will continue to introduce you to common yoga poses and how to use the breath to relax your mind and body. We will introduce the first 4 limbs of yoga and how that applies to your overall yoga practice.
Week 3:
You will learn strengthening poses for a strong body and mental clarity. The second half of the 8 limbs of yoga will be introduced.
Week 4:
Let’s integrate all you have learned! In this final week, you will apply many of the things you have learned along the way. We will incorporate the techniques and philosophies learned during this series into a full yoga class! Integrate all those great things you learned the first 3 weeks and have the best experience you can have on your mat for our 4th class!
$67 for the series. $20 for a drop in. Click here to register!
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