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Well tomorrow is Halloween. It’s my favorite “holiday” and in particular for the past 6 years I have LOVED our downtown Parkville Trick or Treating. Seeing the families dressed up, hearing the kids shriek with excitement and periodically bust out a yoga pose for me has brought us lots of joy. When we were across the street for 5 years I hoped we would get trick or treated in our somewhat hidden location. My daughter would often help direct people to come down and trick or treat us as we had “the good candy”.

Last year I was SO THRILLED to actually be on Main Street. We passed out 1,200 pieces of candy in 2 hours and had to go get more candy. It was awesome.

Now, I am having to think about this in terms of pandemic. 1,200 children plus moms, dads, grandparents and family friends. This is not a scenario we can ethically participate in and so it is with great sadness we will have the shop closed tomorrow. Our business model is community health first.

We hope each of you has a safe and healthy Halloween. We hope that our decision to not participate in Trick or Treating will add to our community’s health and well being. Thank you to our local healthcare providers and employees. Om Prana is grateful to each of you and we are doing our part to cut your rising workload. 🧡🖤🧡🖤🧡We love you all.

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