Finding Balance

Greetings from the Himalayan Institute!  I am bursting at the seams with excitement to be here for my final advanced training class. I have reconnected with friends I haven’t seen in a few months, I am getting to practice with my beloved teachers and I am reconnecting with the energy of my hOMe away from hOMe. I am even more excited to get to share this experience with some of you in a couple weeks!

The journey here has been a much different experience that it has in trips past.  Normally I really stress out right before I leave. Trying to get everything done, make sure everything at home and the studio is perfect and tying up loose ends.  This time was different.   I worked really hard at ensuring I had taken the much needed time to take care of myself. I slept when I was sick.  I went and got acupuncture and a massage before I left to make sure my body was ready for the trip.  My students in my last class before I left all mentioned how calm I seemed for leaving a few hours later. Let’s explore the concept of life balance….
I literally started writing this article while riding the bus from New York City to the Himalayan Institute. One of my favorite parts of the journey there is meeting my 23-year-old friend, Victor, on the bus and catching up with him on the way.  He is consistent in that he always just barely makes the bus before we takeoff where he magically appears next to me.  Yesterday was no different.  Victor is a free spirit.  He doesn’t light anywhere for long. I follow him on Instagram and am always amazed at the wonderful places he ends up with virtually no money. Since I last saw him, he ended up teaching yoga in Costa Rica for 2 months before returning to France to live with his parents and working their farm.  I got to hear all about his adventures along the way. The relationships he had on his journeys and bits of wisdom I don’t think he knows is there yet.
Lately I have had many opportunities to talk with students who are moms of littles.  Many are exhausted. When my kids were little, I was sure that the process of being a good mom was sacrifice.  By sacrifice, I mean putting my emotional and physical health last.  I suspect this is an accurate account of motherhood for most new moms. I have learned as my kids have gotten older, that it was SO important for me to put myself first some to take care of myself.  My yoga practice was MY time. I’m always amazed at Victor’s zest for life and his willingness to explore the world.  (I’m a bit envious of his experiences if I’m being honest.)  We talked about his going everywhere vs my stability and we both ended up agreeing life is really about finding balance.
You know when we do crow pose and your balancing on your hands and starting to tilt forward, but not quite sure if you’re going to face plant?  Many think the pose is about getting those toes off the ground, but in essence the pose is about finding the perfect balance between going forward and backward.  When that perfection is met, the toes automatically come off the ground…right up until you yell your up! HA!
So this month’s challenge is for you to find balance in your life and take care of yourself-first.  What will that look like to you? Maybe take a couple moments to think about it. How can you find your balanced crow pose so your  toes come off the ground?  For me, it has always been making time for yoga, taking time to sit in silence, and of course, breathing. There truly is always time for this if you acknowledge that you must have balance to stay healthy mentally and physically. You and your family need that.  I welcome hearing your plan!
PS.  In order to make time for me so I could travel with sanity, I didn’t get the toilets cleaned at the studio they way I would have liked before I left.  If anyone really loves to clean toilets, please and thank you! : )
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