Life Is Swell

“A person with a settled mind is like an ocean. Countless rivers and streams pour their waters into the ocean, yet it is never overwhelmed.” -Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD

I had a student yesterday comment that I am the busiest person she knows, running both of my companies, but I always seem to get it all done. I don’t really get it all done.  But, I do have the ability to get the most important things done and when those get done the less important things seem to also get done.  I often feel like I’m an ocean with waves that swells with the full moon and cascades back into the ocean as the moon becomes dark. So I have to stay focused on what’s important.


Let’s talk about what is important-Rejuvenation. Yesterday, my dog kept whining at the back door, which is unusual for her.   I went to let her out and found my teen daughter laying in our hammock reading.  I had been working on this newsletter and a LONG list of marketing stuff and was a bit blocked mentally.  I thought I would be funny and jump in the hammock with my daughter and annoy her, but instead she welcomed the company. In fact, we had about an hour of laughing hard and talking about ‘stuff’ while in the hammock. I told her I was having writer’s block and she told me to write about “rejuvenation.”


What is rejuvenation?  I think that is a great question! I know many of you think like I used to, the busier you are the more productive and successful you will be.  Honestly, 3 years ago my encounter in the hammock yesterday never would have happened.  I probably would have gone out for a few minutes but then would have thought that my spending time laying in the hammock was a waste and I needed to get back to work.  Instead, I spent an hour there laughing and playing on a camera app with my daughter while she snuggled up to me and told me about her life.  Yep, a teen telling her mom about her life and asking for advice.  (That’s a Parent Win!)  That ‘To Do’ task really wasn’t that important.  The old me would have beat myself up because I went to bed without completing a ridiculously long list of work items.  The reality is, that time in the hammock brought my mind to a place of single focus.  (Cough…this is our goal in meditation…singular focus.)

Doesn’t mean the list isn’t still there and that there aren’t important things to do on that list. However, what it does mean is that in-order-to calmly complete these items, I needed that hour of fun time to get my mind to a restful place.  Then the work gets done with ease because I don’t have waves of ‘shit’ crashing down in my mind.   I consider that to be rejuvenation. Living with a mind free of ‘woulda, shoulda, couldas’.

Other ways, besides my asana practice, that I work to rejuvenate myself is gardening.  I love to work in the dirt, plant flowers, grow food and even mow the grass. This becomes a moving mediation practice for me.  I keep singular focus while I become one with the earth.  Never fails, if I am feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, a little work in my flower beds or mowing someone’s lawn (I have been known to mow my neighbor’s lawn.) rejuvenates my mind, guides my intuition and ultimately helps me complete what needs to be completed successfully.

Back to the hammock…see how giving myself that hour actually helped me finish my work?  My daughter gave me my topic and later when I was looking at my yoga sutra studies, I opened right up to this very quote our article starts with.  Yep, the answers are always right there when we get our minds out of the way! This month, I challenge you to do ‘nothing’ each day and tell me how it goes!  It may just blow your mind how great you are doing by the end of the month. I can’t wait to hear a report.

(This quote came from the book The Secret of the Yoga Sutra by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD, commentary on sutra 1.20.  We have the book in the boutique for sale. It’s a great one!)
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