It’s Your Process

I have this thing when I travel. It’s not a thing I particularly enjoy. I work myself into a complete tizzy, starting about 2 days before I leave. Every time I travel I think to myself “I won’t become a crazy person this time.” It’s not that I am disorganized, I am not. But, every time, I find myself up pretty much all night before I leave in an effort to cover everything. bioessay of gibberellin academic essay 2000 words a day source site free essay on romeo and juliet play diflucan with antibiotic cialis worldwide sales statistics enter site portland resume writing service top best essay writer website online 8th habit summary essay format see url university of nebraska omaha creative writing see baraka spanish meaning of essay tehreek e pakistan essay viagra tablets side effects in telugu is cymbalta toxic to the liver donde puedo comprar viagra femenino en chile doc generici viagra side essay topicsnarrative descriptive apa essay paper title page 10 critical decisions of operations management essays enter site Cialis Sublingual us Here is what happens. In my head I have to have everything I’m leaving behind completely perfect before I can leave so I can rest. I want my house spotless. The toilets nobody will use? Must be clean. The kitchen that nobody will cook in, yep that must be spotless too. The yard must be pooper scooped. And invariably I find that I need to clean a closet or something I rarely use.

That is just my personal space. Let’s now add my business into the mix. The studio must also be cleaned, all laundry done, all props properly folded, stacked and put away, lists made for teachers for anything crazy that might happen while I am gone.

If I am traveling by myself to a place I have never been, let me add in here all the anxiety my mind is kind enough to throw my way. “Will I get lost?” “Will I make any friends?” “I’m going to miss my family.” “What if I get there and I don’t like it?” “Will my dog be mad at me?” “WHY DID I DO THIS?”

By the time I leave, I have worked myself into a complete frantic mess and I crash as soon as I sit down on the plane. This trip was of no exception. The night before we left I was doing my typical “business mind dump” updating Mindbody, placing orders, making lists and doing all the tasks I have been putting off because I simply didn’t want to do them. I looked at Robbie and asked him why I go through this every time. Without pause he shrugged his shoulder and said, “it’s just your process.”

He’s right, I had never thought of it this way before but it simply is my process. Somehow this proclamation made me less stressed. I am a Type A personality. Not something this yogini likes to admit, but I am. I am constantly working on something and always have tasks to do, whether it is business or personal. My process is wrapping up every loose end I can possibly think of, and there are always a TON, so that when I get there I can just let my mind rest and recuperate.

This trip Robbie went with me, which caused a different level of anxiety. He wasn’t staying behind to take care of anything that might come up. And I now have to allow for his process too. (We all have one.) We arrived today at our destination. Pipeline Feather Ranch is out in the middle of nowhere Montana. It’s beautiful here and we are staying in a tiny cabin. Robbie is super excited when we get here because he LOVES to camp and this is like yoga camp to him. I hate camping and just hope there is running water in the cabin we are staying in. There is, along with a flushing toilet so all is good in my naturehood! I got us unpacked, everything put in it’s place, went for a walk, met some people and then walked back to the cabin to hang out for a while. I walked up the steps and say a sign besides the door that said “relax”. Okay! My process is completed and I now plan to relax.
Can you relate to my process? What process do you have that sends you into a tizzy?
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