Life’s Subjectivity

“Yoga is a practice, not a philosophy. We step onto the mat to have the experience of the poses through the subjectivity of the body.” -Judith Hanson Lasater, PhD, PT
Do you ever have conversations with people you don’t really know, but the conversations is  so serendipitous that you just have to sit and really think afterwards? I had such an event this week with a man that I periodically do marketing business with. He had called me while we were in Montana last month, but I forgot to call him when we got home. So, when he reached out again, I had to apologize for not being responsive like I normally am. I told him that Robb & I were on vacation when he called and I totally forgot to call him back. He, of course, asked how the trip was and I was honest. It was truly great. I told him that we went to study with one of our teachers, who I suspect may be retiring soon, and it was really wonderful to get to spend time with her and her daughter. But, I also was honest and told him that Robb & I have experienced a tremendous amount of loss this year and the grieving process has been one that has been challenging for us. It was nice to get away and reconnect with ourselves & one another. And, we had no clue just how tired both of us were.

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He asked if I was friends with his wife on Facebook, and I told him I was not. She had apparently just shared a similar expression that very day. He shared with me that he and his wife had also experienced the loss of several loved ones this year in addition to having another baby and they had realized that they weren’t taking care of themselves. He said they both practice meditation but had not been meditating regularly lately and they now have a system so they both get 20 minutes a day to meditate. They also plan to go on a trip together soon so they can reconnect as a couple.

When we left for our trip were were both completely exhausted. We hadn’t been spending a lot of time together that didn’t involve work. In some ways we weren’t having a ton of fun and life was just kinda blah.
And then we got to “yoga camp”.
Mind you this was not the technical name of our trip, but Robbie realized quickly he felt like he was at Boy Scout camp with yoga. This made him pretty happy. And since we were in a tiny cabin with running water and a flushing toilet and not a tent, I was down with “yoga camp” too!
Yoga Camp started with a 3 hour nap, in the middle of the day! Yep, you read that correctly. I believe we took a nap every day, maybe just not for that long. We had an extraordinary week of napping, hiking, reading, row boating, laughing, making new friends, eating great food and learning a lot from our teachers. Here is what we got out of all of that: renewal.  We were renewed as individuals and as a couple.
Robbie was able to track his sleep at night and his actual sleep time increased by over an hour and his sleep patterns were deeper. He woke up feeling rested. We spent time just talking about life. We are starting a new phase of our life as empty nesters and although it started with feelings of grief, we talked about what we want for the future and I feel we are on the same page.
From a self-care perspective, it was really nice just laying by the lake spending time reading. The 3 sound healing sessions I had were also super nice and took care of some pent up tension I had been storing in my body for months.
Sometimes I think when we do take time to get away and take care of ourselves we immediately get home and get back into our ‘daily grind’ and forget the lessons we learned while we were away. I think the quote above can also be considered for life in general, we live life and experience it subjectivity of our attitude towards life.
We came back ourselves. We are refreshed & renewed. Our attitude towards life is good.  What is your attitude towards life like right now? Do you need time “refresh” time?
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