Yoga Therapy for Neck Pain Group Series

4 week Series, begins Saturday, May 11th! 10:15-11:45 am

The purpose of this series is to work with people who have experienced persistent pain in the neck and shoulders that has lasted for more than 30 days. Some symptoms may include headaches due to neck posture and tension.

Yoga Therapy for Neck Pain is designed to work with students who have chronic neck pain. During this group yoga therapy class series we will focus on yoga, breath, and relaxation techniques to assist in increased range of motion in the neck, and reduction of stiffness and tenderness in the neck and shoulders. Overall relaxation skills taught to relieve stress in the neck and shoulder region of the body.

In this class you will learn:
• Stretches to help range of motion, relieve stiffness and tenderness in the neck
• Movements to encourage lymph flowing
• Breath practices that assist with alleviating blocked energy in the neck and shoulders
• Relaxation techniques to reduce stress related pain in the body
• Biomechanics of a functional cervical spine

No Yoga Experience Needed. Classes will meet on Saturdays May 11, 18, 25 & June 1

Tuition: $155, includes individual yoga therapy intake assessment and 4 group yoga therapy classes. There are no refunds after the intake assessment has been completed. * Must have 3 enrollments for class to make*

Yoga Therapy group classes differ from regular yoga classes in four ways:

1. Yoga Therapy is conducted by a Certified Yoga Therapist. Certification is issued through IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) and credentials will be listed as a C-IAYT. Wendy at Om Prana Yoga is one of the first Certified Yoga Therapists with a C-IAYT certification in the Kansas City area.
2. Yoga Therapy classes are smaller classes than a public yoga class and should not exceed 5-6 participants in order to honor the individual needs of participants. At Om Prana, Yoga Therapy group classes have a maximum of 4 people enrolled.
3. Students in a yoga therapy group class, as opposed to a public yoga class, are made up of students with like conditions. For example, all students in this series will have challenges with chronic neck pain.
4. Yoga Therapy isn’t yoga therapy without an intake assessment being completed first so that the yoga therapist has a better understanding of the person as a whole and their needs. At Om Prana Yoga, Yoga Therapy group classes will start with an individual yoga therapy intake assessment that will be scheduled separate and before the group series starts.

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