Japa Mala Making

Saturday, July 20th 11am Sign Up

A Japa Mala is a string of prayer beads, usually 108 beads in length with a knot tied between each one. Knotting between each bead is a meditative practice.

Join guest teacher, Tim Glover, as he leads you through a fun afternoon making your own Japa Mala.

After a few ties the rhythm & flow of the process begins. When completed, you will learn how to tie your tassel to complete your very own hand made jewelry.

The beads vibrate at the frequency of their composition. Tim recommends the week prior (or always), keeping focused on positive thoughts to load your Japa Mala with the highest energy you can offer it.

Bring a drink &/or snack and prepare to have a great afternoon. The length of the workshop will depend on the pacing of the individual student. The process can last 2-4 hours, depending on you.

We provide all the beads to make 1-Japa Mala. Tim will instruct you through the male making process and help answer questions along the way.

**$80. There is a $25 Non-Refundable supply fee that is included in the price of the workshop. Oh Yeah, sign me up!

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