Gut Reaction to Healthy Digestion:Vagus Nerve Series

Saturday, May 23rd 1:30-4pm. LIVE Online on Zoom

Our gut plays a powerful influence on our brain and nervous system. The seat of good health starts with a strong digestive system. Digestive problems can develop from an over active nervous system that is exacerbated by stress, anxiety and even depression.

In this class, we will:

  • Learn about the anatomy of the digestive system
  • Explore stretches to get digestion moving healthily
  • Practice firing up our digestion
  • Apply breathing techniques to aide digestion
  • Experience stimulating the parasympathetic system, aka: “rest & digest

$50 for this class Register Here

Vagus Nerve Series

The Vagus Nerve is known to be ‘one nerve with thousands of branches’ that connect to our brain, heart and organs. Thus, it is the leader in our body’s crucial functioning of communication to our motor and sensory impulses to every organ in the body.  This important nerve functioning can be impacted by stress.

In our Vegus Nerve Series, we will take a closer look at how to alleviate stress response in the Vagus Nerve  in 3 primary areas: Digestion Health, Breath Health, & Neck Health.

Each class will consist of 2.5 hours and all levels of experience are welcome, even beginners with no yoga experience.

2.5 hour YA Continuing Ed can be given for each class, please add yourself to the YACEP link.

2.5 hours IAYT Continuing Ed

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