Finding Joy

October 2020

“Oftentimes when the world feels chaotic, we begin to feel as if it is somehow inappropriate to have joy. Have your joy. Joy is a form of radical self-care.” -Cleo Wade

If you have taken any classes with me at all this year, you know that I consider Cleo Wade’s Heart Talk book to be my 2020 anthem book. Every single page just seems to sit in my heart and sing to me, even on the darkest of days. This quote above goes on to talk about how when we still have joy when times are tough, it means we are not letting the tough times define us. This particular page makes me weep every time I run across it. Today was no exception.

This week has been rough for Americans. We have watched some crazy toddler behavior on TV, some have learned that our health reality is actually not a hoax and many have fallen to illness.

This past few weeks have been rough for many yoga studios in Kansas City. I have watched 6 studios close locations or just close permanently over the past few months. As a business owner, I have to constantly try to think ahead of the needs of our community and how our business will meet this need. Our need right now is to stay healthy and continue our practice to maintain our health. This is why I closed the building down in early March and have not opened it back up to in studio classes. This is why we started livestreaming interactive classes on Zoom within 2 days of our in person classes stopping. Robb, Heather and I are committed to supporting our community and doing what we can to make sure that your health and wellbeing are taken care of-safely. We are also committed to not falling suit of other studios in the area. We will survive and come out stronger-together.

I have heard a lot of people tell me Zoom isn’t for them, they will wait until we reopen to start their practice back up or they are intimidated by the thought of doing a class for the first time online when they haven’t been to the studio. Of course I believe my yoga practice is going to help support my immune system and keep my lungs healthy. I have had to learn new ways to market our new business model-on the fly. One way was to ask students to talk with Mitch so he could put together videos to help others learn what it was like from the student’s perspective.

After the interviews were finished, Mitch sent the unedited footage to me to watch. I laughed. I cried. I had such incredible joy hearing how important our online platform is to our students and how most feel it is almost as good as being in studio. We still laugh together. We still have community feel. We still are able to teach and offer feedback. I can’t begin to thank everyone for the time you took to help, the honest feedback you gave and your overwhelming love and support for Robb & I. Please watch the whole video above. More are coming!

I know many of you are itching to get back to in studio classes, as am I. But, I won’t do that until it safe to breathe in a room with other people and right now, it is not. Numbers continue to climb in our area. In fact this last week I have been mortified at how many people I know who have now tested positive. None have been students and I am very proud of this. Please, stay vigilant with your health. Show compassion for others. Wear your mask at all times when you leave your house. Practice good hand and face hygiene. Finally, find something this week that brings you joy and celebrate it.

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