Why Shop Local?

November 1, 2020

When we moved to Parkville from Dallas, we made two trips up. The first was to find out where in the city we wanted to live the second was to find a home. Think about some of the things that made you decide to move to the Parkville area. 

Here is our story: We flew in for the weekend, Robb said he thought I might like this little town not far from the airport. So after we rented our car, he drove me down Highway 9 and when we got in front of Park University and I looked up an saw “Hogwarts” (I know it is Mackey Hall…but…) my heart started to patter. Then we stopped at the stop sign at 1st and Main in downtown Parkville. I knew I wanted to live in this town. As we drove around I began to see myself living our life in Parkville. I saw where I would likely grocery shop. I saw a cute clothing store that I knew my daughter would like. I found then Go Pet Go who carried my dog’s brand of food. You see, I hadn’t even started shopping for a home yet. I was shopping for where I wanted to LOVE TO LIVE. This is what keeps your property values high. These small businesses around your neighborhood that make you want to live there.

I had no idea that day that eventually we would be small business owners in the downtown area that sold me on the the town.

Shopping small keeps money in your community. A large percentage of sales taxes stay in your neighborhood, unlike Amazon or shopping big stores online. It feeds families in your neighborhood. It employs your family members & gives your teen their first job. These businesses know your families, they contribute to your fund raisers, they love and appreciate you.
We encourage you this holiday shopping season to make your list of the small businesses in your neighborhood that you love and shop with them this holiday season. We hope we are on your list, but if we aren’t we hope you support our neighbors.

Ways to Shop With Us!

  • Schedule a Personalized Shopping Appt at info@ompranayoga.com or text 816-876-4638
  • Schedule a Zoom or Facetime Shopping appointment with us
  • Shop Online Here
  • Saturday shopping 10-1. We are monitoring mask mandate compliance in our area. We also can not let more than 2 shoppers in at a time to maintain healthy social distancing for our shoppers and employees.  
  • Call in an order for No-Contact Porch Drop Off. 
  • Note: We will stop shipping for Christmas Delivery at the end of November. 
  • Buy Online Classes for yourself and your family! 
  • Gift Certificates Available Online here!

Shop with us in one of the ways above November 1-15th and get a free gift with purchase, while supplies last. Plus, be added into our drawing for a free photo.

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