Patience Is Over-Rated?

March 2021

“Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.” -Saadi (poet)

I’ve never been a fan of patience. Yes, I just put that in writing. My husband will be thrilled with this honest proclamation. I am a very creative person and when the creativity moves me, I feel the need to act-NOW!  As a rational adult I do understand that instant gratification is not always healthy or realistic. But being patient sometimes is super hard!

One year ago this week, we closed our doors to in person yoga classes to ensure we did not contribute to people getting coronavirus. A student reminded me this week that at the end of that last face-to-face class, she remembers me sitting on the front steps of the studio crying. I thought we would only be closed 2-4 weeks at the time. I was worried you all would be mad at me and I had concerned for the future of my business. Little did I know that I was going to have a year of learning the art of patience with all of you.

My year of practicing patience has been scary, exhausting, relaxing, intriguing, perplexing, heart-breaking, joyful, grounding, peaceful, baffling, educational with lots of ‘WTF just happened?’ and ‘I’m so grateful!’ sprinkled in. Anyone else feel this way this past year? Feel free to add on. I feel certain I have not expressed all the emotion.

I am going to use the term ‘practice patience’ rather than ‘learn patience’ because well, like yoga, patience is a journey not a destination.  As you can see from above, my journey with patience this past year has been all over the map. During this exploration I have found there were life lessons waiting for me. I perfected a few patience coping techniques that I will continue. One is I have learned that I have a killer meditation practice in my garden. I can get lost for hours playing in the dirt and it always makes me feel better. (Except when the squash bugs move in.) The lesson in the dirt for me was it is okay to slow down and have a singular focus. Everything will grow in time. (As long as the squash bugs don’t eat everything.)

I got a chance to practice patience last summer when our new furry family member, Jake, began having seizures and eventually left us. As well as bringing our first puppy into our home. What was behind that lesson was love.

I’m delighted that most of you have continued to practice yoga with us livestream and that we were able to meet the needs of our community while offering a safe alternative for keeping everyone healthy. The day we shut down in person classes in response to coronavirus I was scared our students would lose faith in us and move on. Almost all of you have continued to support your health by continuing to yoga with us online. Thank you! This has been a universally shared patience practice…when we will be able to practice yoga again together? I am deeply grateful that nobody has made us feel we needed to rush an answer to this question and risk jeopardizing the health of our community. Our patience has shown that we are all, literally, in this together. It’s been a tough year and I hope that we will be seeing things getting easier in the near future.

March 20th will be our 7th year Anniversary of being open in downtown Parkville. What a wild adventure the last 7 years has been! We are so happy to still be in this with you. On March 20th, if you are getting out and about, swing by the shop and see us. We hope to have a few things going on in the store.

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