“If you don’t show up for your future, no one else will.”-Run The World (TV Show)

July 2021-This morning I got on Facebook and saw a post from a friend that made me reflect on my childhood. The photo was of her daughter getting ready to go off on her first day of Girl Scout camp. I got excited for her looking at the photo. I also really loved her shirt, which read ‘Live Your Best Life’ in the shape of a rainbow.

When I was 5, I was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. I fought for years to live in a time where most didn’t survive this form of cancer. My mom was a very young mother, she was in her young 20s when I was diagnosed. I can’t imagine how terrifying and confusing that must have been for her and to have to navigate life and death decisions at such a young age. Much of who I am today was rooted in that time my mother and I navigated through cancer and survived.

That photo took me back to being a Brownie. I was ill during that time and spent a significant amount of my first grade year in the hospital. When I not in the hospital, my mother was insistent that I get to participate in normal childhood activities and she signed me up for Girl Scouts. I don’t remember any of the meetings, but I do remember one year earning a pin for selling a lot of cookies. I guess I had that entrepreneur pride even back then. 

When I was in the 3rd grade, my friends were joining a newly formed track team and my mother signed me up. I was still getting treatments then and had just come off a round of steroids. Steroids boosted my appetite and during that period we lived in a house that we had to go through the kitchen to get to most rooms in the house. I was overweight and needed the exercise. The school didn’t want to let me participate. In conjunction with my doctors, my mother got the school to let me participate. I have no idea what races I was signed up for. My memory has me running forever. Mom got me a cute red tank/short set and matching shoes. I totally was feeling my style! The day of the race, I came in dead last. I mean like everyone else was done well before I finished. My lungs were burning, my legs felt like Jell-O, those cute red shoes felt like bricks but eventually I made it over the finish line. Mom was proud and I was happy to never run track again. I switched to soccer the next year.

The past couple months I have been feeling pretty beat down running a small business in these times. I’ve had some unsolicited not so pleasant interactions with people. I’ve had to adjust my expectations on what the success of my business should look like right now. I’ve had to cave on a few things that make me feel like I am weak. Bottom line though is that little girl that crossed the finish line and beat childhood cancer is still in there and I am using this time to rebrand and build up the parts of the business that make me feel like I am living my best life. I look forward to continuing to show up and be a contributor to our community for years to come.

Are you living your best life right now? If not, what can you do to enhance your opportunities?

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