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Located in Historic Downtown Parkville, just minutes from downtown Kansas City.

Om Prana Yoga & Boutique

102 Main Street

Parkville, MO 64152


Welcome to OM Prana Yoga & Consultants!

What does Om Prana mean?

Om means to unify energy and Prana means vitality.

Our Mission is to provide a place to practice that promotes our student’s ability to relax into themselves while energizing their vitality, a breath and a stretch at a time.

Our Vision is to offer an affordable, high quality service, from educated and passionate teachers, in a supportive community that creates a sense of belonging at all levels of experience.

What is that Symbol in the middle of your logo?

The symbol inside our logo is the OM symbol, meaning unifying energy. If you look closely at the logo, you will see the Om sitting on a leaf. Our connection to nature is deep and the vein that runs through this leaf is a sign of our ongoing vitality that radiates out into the world. It is our hope that our students will find, explore and foster that radiance that lives in all of us as they enjoy the studio and their practice on and off the mat.

A few things before starting class…

  •  Please show up for class on time so as not to disturb the settling of the class. The door will lock after class begins.
  • Do not eat for at least an hour before class. If you eat too soon before class, it can cause an upset stomach. (There are plenty of great restaurants all around us to grab a bite after class!)
  • Take your shoes off as you enter the studio. We create a sacred and clean space for each of our students to enjoy.
  • Drink plenty of water after class. As you stretch your muscles, you release toxins that build up in them and drinking water will flush the toxins out (just as if you get a massage) and it will reduce any soreness you could experience the next day. Plus, water is just plain good for you!
  • Wear comfortable clothing.

Products Carried in Studio:

Solmate Socks

    Studio M Outdoors

Mindfully Made Elderberry

Life Is Good


Woodstock Windchimes

Hugger Mugger