COVID-19 Plan

We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation.  Along the way we have continued our dedication to keeping our studio clean, but have increased our vigilance and have had students help out with props they have used.  We have been focused on sharing tips for keeping your immune system boosted through food and yoga. Now we need to add the next level.

After review of the Mayor of Kansas City’s leadership to be proactive in hopes of reducing infection, and Park University’s decision to move to online classes we have made the decision that all in-studio classes will be suspended for at least two weeks, after our Friday 9:30 am class tomorrow. (3/13/2020)

We are not leaving you high and dry though! We will be moving classes to online platforms. Some will be taped for you to view when you want, others will be live online classes so we can keep our interactive community interacting together as we get through this new challenge.  (I will make sure and bring my tingsha bells home just in case I need to ring them to start class. : ) ) You will be able to use your class passes for individual classes, or pay for a drop in. Those with memberships will get open access.  Please give us the weekend to work out all the details.  This is a lot to work out.  

If your in need of a Yoga Therapy session, please schedule an online session with Wendy.

The boutique will be open regular hours Saturday if anyone needs to purchase props. We currently have mats, blocks, straps, bolsters, teardrops, purple and blue balls, and yogi toes. We also have a LOT of RAW Honey & Elderberry that was just delivered this week if you would like to stock up to keep your immune system pumped up.  At this time, we are not sure what our plan will be for the boutique beyond Saturday, so please keep an eye on our home page,  FaceBook and Instagram for hours over the next couple of weeks.

Why did we make this decision?  I keep going back to two yoga sutras: Ahimsa (non-harming of self and others) and Sauca (cleanliness). Robb and I try hard to live our life through the lead of the yogic philosophical lens. Although we are not perfect in our quest, we do our best to run our business and personal lives accordingly.  As such, we feel that it is necessary to make short term adjustments to our business model so our students and teachers remain healthy AND get their yoga and community.

We hope that you will stick with us and the rest of our yoga community and practice with us online.  We will miss our in person interactions but believe this is the best decision for the protection of everyone. We truly love our community and appreciate all the support, kindness and love we have received over the years. I will admit that this hard decision makes me scared you all will forget about us and not return to the studio when we get the ‘all clear’. But, ahimsa requires that we do no harm and thus, we will do something a little different for a few weeks.

We will see you online.

Lots of Love,

Wendy, Robb & JoJo