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“If you don’t show up for your future, no one else will.”-Run The World (TV Show)

July 2021-This morning I got on Facebook and saw a post from a friend that made me reflect on my childhood. The photo was of her daughter getting ready to go off on her first day of Girl Scout camp.

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The Power of the Vagus Nerve & Stress Reduction

Saturday, July 17th 1-6 pm & Sunday July 18th 1:30-4 pm Register Here The Vagus Nerve is known to be ‘one nerve with thousands of branches’ that connect to our brain, heart and organs. Thus, it is the leader in

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This Little Light Of Mine…

February 1, 2021 I don’t know about you but January tested my shine, perhaps more than other months during this pandemic. At the beginning of the month, I started the Heart Talk Journal for our first Journal Chat session. As

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Dear Perimenopause

“There is nothing wrong with you.” -Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D, P.T. Most classes I teach I end with a daily quote from the book ‘A Year of Living Your Yoga’, written by one of my teachers. Partly I do this

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