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Gratitude Towards our Bodies

“Iswara Pranidhana: wholehearted dedication to the Divine Light in all.”  -Nischala Joy Devi October was kinda a crappy month for me physically.  I’ve been in an insane amount of pain radiating down my arm complete with muscle spasms in my

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Getting Dizzy in our Tizzy

“Chitta Vikshepa, – ‘distraction of the mind.’ No matter how wise we are or how committed to our practice, if we are ill, drowning in inertia, or struggling with doubt, carelessness, and sloth, we have no way of preventing our

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Yoga & PTSD

“Any fool can be fussy and rid himself of energy all over the place, but he has to have something in him before he can settle down to do nothing.” ~J.B. Priestley I initially started doing yoga 14 years ago

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