Yoga Therapy

Om Prana Yoga believes that Yoga Therapy is a vehicle to transform into a healthier you.  Yoga Therapy at Om Prana yoga offers the client alternative partnerships with tangible plans to gain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, met with positivity. During individual yoga therapy sessions, we will: assess the need of the individual client and develop a plan to meet those needs.  Our individualized plan may include yoga stretches, breath training, guided relaxation or meditative practices, philosophical discussions on how one relates to the world and/or relationships, and finding balance in one’s lifestyle.

Yoga Therapy utilizes the art and science of yoga to effectively address a wide variety of conditions, including:

  • back & neck pain
  • joint pain & other movement issues
  • disc & spinal conditions
  • injury recovery
  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • digestive disorders
  • anxiety & depression
  • PTSD, trauma & grief recovery
  • insomnia

Yoga Therapy for Athletes

We are honored to work with Cardiac & Cancer Patients to enhance their healing journey, in conjunction with their Western Medical Approach to healing, through Private Sessions and/or Series Group Classes.  This heart centered approach is useful for those looking to lower their risk of heart disease as well as those who are going through treatments for breast cancer survivors, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, etc.

During this series class, students will be guided in gentle yoga stretching, learn breathing techniques, and experience deep relaxation.  Group class will allow for students to be in the presence of others experiencing similar life events, in support of  their healing. Benefits may include:

  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Oxygenates Blood Cells
  • Relaxes Mind for Clear Decision Making
  • Calms Nervous System
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Peaceful Moments

Yoga for Breast Cancer, Yoga for Uterine Cancer, Yoga for Prostate Cancer in Kansas City, with Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher with specialty training in Cancer Yoga.

Must have Dr. approval prior to starting the program.  Please contact us prior to series start date to determine appropriateness for the group and to get the forms for the doctor’s signature.


Karen Kissinger, President, Owner, Certified Life & Wellness Coach & Consultant-Cancer Warrior

3 weeks after I finished treatment for stage 4 Uterine cancer, I took my first restorative yoga class. I found that it helped me with breathing and relaxation. As my bone marrow strengthened along with my body Wendy gently suggested that I was strong enough for beginners yoga and I started taking classes and regained my health. Wendy’s compassionate and knowledgeable approach helped me with calming my nervous system as I was still getting tests, scans and labs very often and for a cancer patient those screenings produce a lot of anxiety. Regaining my vitality and remaining positive during these past 15 months is in a large part owed to my yoga practice with Wendy.

Scientific studies have proven that yoga, in correlation with diet and other exercise, can reverse heart disease. During this series class, students will be guided in gentle yoga stretching, learn breathing techniques, and experience deep relaxation.  Benefits to this class may include:

  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Lower Stress
  • Boost Circulation
  • Increase Lung Capacity
  • Reduce Depression

Must have Dr. approval prior to starting the program.  Please contact us prior to series start date to determine appropriateness for the group and to get the forms for the doctor’s signature.


Jeff E.-Quadruple Bypass Warrior

My first interaction with Om Prana was a private lesson from my wife, Donna. While I was somewhat leery of yoga and the benefits, I was sold after a chronic knee pain was resolved after the lesson. I immediately became interested to learn more and to see what other benefits I could find in yoga. The results were amazing and working with Wendy and others at Om Prana was just what I needed. But issues were on the horizon. A routine medical exam confirmed a family history issue; even though I take great pride in eating right, substantial exercise, and a routine yoga regimen, I was told I needed heart surgery; in particular, a quadruple bypass. The shock of this happening to me was incredible! While I struggled to understand the gravity of the diagnosis, my reliance on Om Prana was more than ever. This is where Wendy and others at Om Prana really stepped up. The community that I had become a part of was there to support me and Wendy as the leader spent extra time sharing what she had learned from the experience of working with other heart patients and from her studies around caring for patients with heart disease. I thought I would have to take a break from my yoga practice but instead found it was my yoga practice that I did right up until surgery. Eight days after surgery I was back in yoga, though in a limited fashion. The yoga that included breathing and meditation I used prior to surgery were an important part of my recovery. The cardiac rehabilitation team all commented on how fast I recovered. In just eight weeks of cardiac rehabilitation following surgery I was back on the bike riding the miles I enjoy as well as continuing to take my yoga practice to deeper levels.

Donna E.-Wife

I started my yoga practice with Om Prana and found Wendy was a wonderful leader and teacher allowing for a deeper understanding of how to really live with Yoga in my life. I enjoyed my experience, learning how to really work with and listen to the body. I convinced my husband to join as well so he too could learn and experience the many benefits I was enjoying. Wendy and Rob have created a wonderful community with the studio. Wendy has extensive knowledge and skill in yoga, training under many experts and is gifted with a natural healing spirit. It was shortly after we joined that I was able to really experience all of this first hand. My husband went for a routine physical where they found “concerns” that took us through a few more tests and in just a couple of very tense weeks into open heart surgery where he had a quadruple by-pass. Wendy spent time with both my husband and I sharing information, techniques and support as we went through this journey. She shared with both of us breathing, posture and supporting tools we used right up to surgery and then again after surgery. She even came to the hospital to follow up. She was there for both of us, providing support to me and sharing her knowledge and experience about heart disease with my husband. I was able to stay with my husband in ICU when he was in a great deal of pain and talk him through breathing techniques we had learned from Wendy in preparation for what we were going to experience. The nurses shared that whatever we were doing was working it was keeping him calm and allowing the healing to begin. My husband practiced his yoga to whatever level he could every day, returning to the studio a few days after his surgery. The knowledge, support and energy he gained from the studio provided a foundation of successful recovery that the doctors called remarkable. Thank you Om Prana Yoga Community!